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Travel Agency Benefits – Why You Need to Book With a Travel Agency!

Posted on October 25, 2018 in Uncategorized

All of us use the services of travel agencies planning a vacation or any other kind of trip. It’s easier to plan a trip with the help of such an agency and they save our money and efforts sometimes. The same way we may use internet travel agencies that appear in great quantity on the web nowadays. Many people are still afraid of being scammed using such agencies. But let’s make more detailed analysis of internet travel agency benefits and define why it is sometimes better to choose online services.

Using an offline agency, you should look for it in your neighborhood or at least it should be in your country or region. At the same time, you may find an agency, which is located far from you and offers more reasonable information and services according to your requirements. It becomes more and more usual that online services are cheaper than non-internet services of the same kind. It depends on many factors; but try to compare offline and online travel agencies and their prices for the same offers. I bet that you will be surprised. And money is always one of the key factors of our choice.

Using a bricks and mortar agency, your choice is always limited. It can’t offer you a travel to any spot you like, but only some specific places. And now imagine that you would like to visit some exotic place. It is better to use the internet and find an agency or other travel service that is located either in the country you need or offers trips exactly to that place. They know everything about that place and offer you the best travel with all conveniences, because this is their specialization. You will be provided with all the information and services you need. This is another plus here.

High level of online business development nowadays offers a lot of possibilities and alternatives to an average consumer. You can pay your internet money using PayPal, Alertpay or any other web account, which is not worse than a bank account for now. Online agencies offer more possibilities to their customers. You can use such agencies 24/7, which is usually not possible with brick and mortar agencies. You are offered to compare and make orders without leaving your home, which is very convenient for one people and saves time for others. Of course, you may find scammers there, but you are not protected from them using offline agencies as well. So, try to get used to such services, because this is our future.

Getting Cheap Air Travel Tickets

Posted on October 24, 2018 in Uncategorized

It’s always good to get a bargain and especially when you are traveling. When you save money off your flights you have more of your budget to spend on comforts and pleasure. In this article we look at a few ways of getting cheap air travel tickets.

If you are looking for ways to purchase cheap air tickets, you won’t have to go very far. In fact, you won’t have to get up and leave your house at all. Instead of going out to a travel agent’s office to book your flight in the hopes of getting a discount flight ticket, you should just log on to the Internet and go to online travel agents and book your flights from there.

Not only do online travel agents offer cheap air travel, they also have the ability to let you compare prices from any and all airlines with each other. That is in real time, without you having to seek the assistance of anybody. In other words, you can do everything on your own and you won’t have to wait for anyone to help you. You will also find all of the same travel agents online as you will offline plus many more to choose from.

If you’re still not convinced that you should book your flight online instead of trekking around travel agents shops, perhaps you still haven’t fully considered its many unique benefits. It is obvious that booking a flight online is a lot more convenient than having to go out to a travel agent’s office in the offline world. But to enjoy other things apart from the convenience it brings, you should try to keep a few things in mind.

The first thing is, if you wish to enjoy cheap air travel to just about any point in the globe, you should know exactly when, where, and how you should buy your flight tickets. When it comes to finding cheap airfare, timing is everything. One moment the ticket prices are high as the price of diamonds and the next thing you know they will have hit rock bottom.

As a general rule, flight tickets are best purchased months before the day of the flight. Not only will this let you in on huge discounts, but this will also ensure that you get a seat that you prefer on the plane, since most, if not all seats will still be free if you try to book a flight something like three to six months in advance.

Another thing to remember is that there are savings to be had from buying round-trip tickets instead of one-way tickets. So if you plan your vacation in advance during the off-season and get round trip tickets in one purchase, you’re bound to save a considerable amount of money. It is said that you should also look into booking flights that leave during holidays instead of before or after, since this is when the flights are least booked.

There are other things that you should keep in mind when booking your flights online, but these are just a few ways you can get cheap air travel on your own.

Why Take Your Travel Business Online?

Posted on October 22, 2018 in Uncategorized

If you’re conservative then you probably haven’t really taken your travel business online yet. Of course, you may beg to differ since you have your own business site complete with a booking engine as well, but you haven’t really been there and done that if you don’t have a presence on the social scene online.

Why Social Networking

Yes, my friend, taking your travel business online is as effective and important – if not more- than networking offline and people have learnt this time and again. It is really important to reach out to your target market via sites like Facebook and Twitter. The simple reason being that these are sites where people express their opinions.

These are sites where people make recommendations – they can praise a certain hotel to the heavens or they can trash it too, depending on the type of experiences they have had at the hotel. So along with providing stellar services to your guests, you have to make them feel wholly welcome.


Basically you have to establish a brand online as well as offline – you can consider it an extension of your offline image if you please. Look at your brand in the same way as you would, your product, your brand needs to have integrity and credibility just like the product.

Brand integrity is basically a measure of how trustworthy the market perceives a company to be. It is defined by the product value, behavior of the company, its employees etc. Therefore, taking your travel business online is important for establishing brand integrity.

So what can you do to be in a good position in this race? Tie up with people or sites which network with the best in the online travel business. It is not enough to merely have a Facebook page or thousands of followers on twitter. You have to have links with all the top Travel engines on the internet like:

• Expedia
• Kayak
• Makemytrip

Not just that you need to have a presence in magazines and online media portals as well. Try Travellersinsights or even Ezine, You will be surprised at the kind of results you get, I assure you. Take this one step further with a .mobi page of your own.

One Step Ahead

You might wonder what this .mobi page is. It’s simple really, this is a website of your own – a mini one- that is designed to exclusively cater to SmartPhone users who access most of their information on the go in airports and places like that.

This is great because it is custom made for smart phones as a result of which the navigation and maneuverability of these sites is much easier using SmartPhones than websites.

Remember, moving with the times is really important and one of the crucial aspects of it, where the travel industry is concerned, is having an online presence. You should venture into e-Commerce technology, Mobile marketing, social media marketing and of course, online tourism marketing. Are you to take your travel business online?