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The Benefits of Using an Online Travel Agency

Posted on November 2, 2018 in Uncategorized

Most people who go on vacation like to book trips through a travel agent in order to take some of the stress out of the planning process. Travel agents can also help you save money on flight, hotel rooms, cruises, and more; but what about online travel agencies? While people worry that Internet travel agencies could scam you or provide low-quality service, there are actually a number of benefits to choosing an online travel agency, providing that you pick the right one.

First and foremost, with an online travel agency, you can work with the place that has the lowest prices without geography limits. In other words, you have more options! When you opt to choose a travel agency in an offline setting, you are limited to the handful of companies that operate in your neighborhood, or at least within a reasonable distance. People who live in major cities might especially be affected by the high prices of brick and mortar travel agencies. Online, there are not proximity limits. The travel agency with which you work might actually have headquarters thousands of miles away, but if they have the lowest prices, you can still work with them over the Internet.

The increased number of choices does not just help you save money. It also means that you have limitless possibilities when it comes to travel. The travel agencies in your areas probably can book dozens or even hundreds of different trips, but there will be limitations. Even if an offline travel agent can plan a vacation to an obscure destination for you, it is not likely that he or she will be an expert in travel to this location. Online, you can find a family or an individual who has been there and will plan an amazing vacation for you. There are few places in the world where you can’t travel if you work with an online travel agency.

Another great aspect of working with an online travel agency is that you can shop for your vacation package any time of the day or night. Brick and mortar business usually close soon after the end of the regular business day, and many are not open for long hours on the weekend. The Internet is open 24 hours a day. While you may not always be able to call a customer service representative, especially if you like to do vacation planning at three in the morning, you can always check out packages offer on travel websites. This is especially handy for parents who need to plan after the kids are in bed, people who work odd hours, and those living in rural locations where the nearest travel agency office is a fairly far drive.

One of the often-overlooked benefits of an online travel agency is the control you have to make your own choices without outside influences or pressure. When you visit an office, many travel agents have the same tone as used car salesmen. You have to remember that these people are often working under some kind of commission program. Instead of making an hourly wage, they earn a percentage of your total vacation price, and even if they do have a salaried job, they may get incentives from travel companies (hotels, cruise lines, etc) for selling amount every month. Many travel agents get to go on free trips for every ten or twenty vacation packages they sell. So, you might feel pressured to book a trip when you are not done exploring your options or upgrade certain aspects, even though you do not have the money. Online travel agencies typically take a more hands-off approach. That does not mean that they won’t help you, of course. Most are more than willing to answer questions via email or over the phone. However, when it comes to working with an online travel agency, you do not have someone looming over your shoulder, trying to make a sale as you check out your vacation options.

Also, when you work with an online travel agency, you usually have more payment choices. Today, some offline travel agencies offer payment plans, credit card payments, and so forth, but this is not always the case. When you work online to plan you vacation, however, you can always find a type payment that will work for you. Some even have payment programs that allow you to earn points for every dollar you spend, which can go towards gift certificates or future trips.

Be aware that there are still scammers posing as online travel agencies and other travel sites, and you always need to read the fine print of any website where you make a purchase. However, online travel agencies are often a less expensive, easier, and more convenient way to book a vacation.

Turnkey Cruise Travel Websites Can Help Improve Your Business

Posted on October 31, 2018 in Uncategorized

Many travel companies have turned to the internet to streamline their operations. These travel companies have realized how cheap and efficient it is to run their travel businesses online. In fact, most of these companies are using turnkey cruise travel websites found on the internet. In addition to cruise travel companies, there are also many people working in the travel industry that benefit from the use of these turnkey websites. These people include travel agents, tour operators, event managers, and even travel writers. Travel writers, who include adventurers and explorers, are now able to write about their travel experiences and post them to their own turnkey websites. They in turn attract website visitors and make money from them. Here are the ways turnkey websites can help you improve your travel business:

Easy To Start

First, starting an online business is relatively easy compared to a bricks-and-mortar business. This is because you will have access to turnkey travel websites that have already been created for you. All the design issues such as HTML and CSS, as well as content, have been rendered. Additionally, your turnkey website seller will also have catered for your hosting. Hence, all you will be left to do is promote the website to attract visitors. In most instances, however, most turnkey website sellers will train you on how to market your website.

Fast Booking

Turnkey websites can also be used as booking avenues. Travelers can book for holidays and hotels through your website instead of coming to your offices. This is may be a time-saving route for people such as hotel managers, travel agents, tour operators, and the travelers themselves. Your website should specify pertinent details such as departure and arrival dates and times, number of people travelling, availability of hotels, residences, or cruises, and mode of transport.

24/7 Convenience

The third benefit you could reap from bringing your offline business online is the convenience it offers. This is mainly because websites are accessible 24 hours seven days a week. Therefore, your visitors will be able to access the information they need from you on your website at any time. Accessing this information will lead to more satisfied customers who will in turn tell their friends and family. This viral effect will attract more customers to your business, thereby increasing your revenues.

Reduced Overhead Costs

The fourth benefit you could reap from running an online business is the reduction of expenses. These expenses could be reduced as far as advertising, premises, and staffing are concerned. Running an online business uses cheap advertising channels such as the social media, search engine marketing, and email marketing. Running an online business also saves expenses related to premises since running an online business does not need much physical space. Lastly, running an online business will help you save staffing costs since processes such as bookings, payments, and billing will be automated.

In conclusion, turnkey cruise travel websites are highly beneficial to people who want to bring their offline business online. This is because these turnkey websites are cheap and readily available. Additionally, your online business will be able to pick quickly given the ease of operating this type of business, the ability of your customers to book fast, the convenience your website provides your website visitors, and the significant amount of reduced expenses.

Online Marketing Vs Offline Marketing

Posted on October 29, 2018 in Uncategorized

As marketers, We already know that marketing online and offline are different. We think that this goes without saying. But there are some questions out there that have been hitting my inbox for quite sometime so I figured I would address this very topic with you guys! First let me start off by saying neither method is better than the other. They both take different avenues to get certain things done within their businesses. So this isn’t a “who is better than who” post. This post really just explains some of the differences between the two.

As the general economy presents another series of poor numbers and the terrifying face of deflation threatens, mainstream advertisers are forced to ask themselves some very difficult questions. Limited purchasing budgets must stretch further and attract a buying public wary of spending their own limited purchasing budgets. Coupled with the declining value of the US dollar, many companies cannot afford a failed advertising campaign but still need to attract new customers and reach out to past clients.

There are several forms of advertising media available both in the online and offline worlds, all of which have shown solid returns for advertisers and all of which carry their pros and cons. Search engine marketing is the least expensive method of getting the word out to millions of well educated and often well paid consumers. The most important fact about these consumers is that they have taken the time to pre-screen themselves. Every time a search engine users enters a set of keywords looking for information on products or services and finds your business website, you can be reasonably certain they are not simply browsing or window shopping. The search engine users actually took the time to type those specific keywords and are definitely looking for your specific product.

Take advantage of their curiosity and be certain you can be found where and when it counts. Compared with other forms of marketing, search engines have a far wider potential reach, are much cheaper, and allow for the revision of content quickly without producing cost overruns. Search engine marketing also allows for a greater number of listings spread over a wider array of keyword phrases, thus producing far more opportunities to be found by potential clients and customers. Compare the costs and coverage of search engine marketing with the following other forms of traditional marketing, Yellow Pages, Print and Broadcast.

To start I will talk about the key differences between marketing offline and online.


o Talk to people face to face
o Traveling a good bit
o Easier to get groups together
o Advertising avenue is widened (for your business)
o Access to limited people (this depends on where you live but you surely could build a business with those types of people.)


o Access to loads of people across the country and the world
o Instant Internet Advertising
o No need to Travel
o Can be tougher to get into especially if you have little to no knowledge about the internet Isn’t completely about “your business opportunity”
o Most conversations will either be online or over the phone

As you can see above there are some key differences between both offline and online marketing. Personally I would use offline to find distributors and people who might be interested in your product or whatever your selling and I would use online for business builders. Ultimately if you are building your business then you want business builders. That’s a fact but there is nothing wrong with people who might be interested in your product either. But if you’re going to market online, you should use that to find your serious business builders so you can help and guide them to where they want to go. Offline is more personal and there is nothing wrong with that, but you have access to a much more limited number people for business building if you don’t do a bit of traveling. But remember, There is nothing wrong with using both methods and if you are comfortable with using one or both. Go for it!