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Offline V Online Marketing

Posted on October 27, 2018 in Uncategorized

In today’s world is there any comparison between Online and Offline Marketing? To get a good return for you investment into marketing then the online program has to be the best.

If we look at the offline way that businesses market their products, between advertising, sales, travelling expenses and cold calling to name but a few, these costs can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars pretty fast, depending in what business you are in. How long does it take to get an ad placed in the national papers and for one page for a single day can be quite expensive, and only to a very small geographical area.

Online Marketing is a totally different kettle of fish, with the upsurge in social media; the market place on the internet is global. Advertising costs are practically free, sales people are not required as you can talk to hundreds of thousands of people for free and with just one click of your mouse. No cold calling required or travelling expenses because all marketing promotions can be done from your computer in your office or home.

If you go online, there are many internet marketing tips available to assist you in starting out in this form of marketing. Look at direct mailing compared to emailing. The time this takes and the employment costs compared to writing one email and be able to send it to a thousand customers with one click in a split second.

If you look at “pay per click” versus TV or radio, with pay per click you get your online marketing ideas in front of billions on the first page in Google, whereas Radio or TV you only get a few million. To get a good marketing promotion up and running online only takes a couple of hours even with research included-how long would this take offline?

Online marketing consulting can take your marketing campaigns to new heights, something you never thought possible offline. Local online marketing is taking the web by storm, and more and more brick and mortar businesses are in danger of getting left behind.The success of internet business lies in the effectiveness of online marketing.