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6 Types of Printer Ink and Their Functions

 6 Types of Printer Ink and Their Functions - Are you a student? what technician? ok it's not important, because whoever you are, then you are a lucky person, how come? Yes, because this time I will provide knowledge that, God willing, will be useful. especially for those who do not know please read carefully ..! do you have a printer? then knowledge of printer ink is something that must be known. What for..? Yes, what if the ink runs out, if you know you can fill it yourself, friend. for that this time I will tell those of you who don't know and convince those who have forgotten again, friend!

6 Types of Printer Ink and Their Functions

There are several types of printer ink that have different results and quality as well. That's why we are led to know what ink we need for our work, because the ink will also have an effect on a print result. yu just take a look..! here he is ..!

The following are 6 types of printer ink and their functions that you need to know;

1. Dye Base Printer Ink

Dye Base ink is the dominant type of ink made from water (H2O) and mixed with dyes (Colourant) which can blend well, so that the possibility of settling and clogging on the 'Printhead Cartridge' is getting smaller.

Standard printers usually use this type of ink mostly. because of the good prints and bright colors. and at a more economical price.

the drawback is that the printing results from Dye Base ink are less sharp, dense, not waterproof or fade on HVS paper to water and light compared to Pigment ink

2. Pigment / Durabrite Printer Ink

Pigment ink has a print quality that is sharper, denser, and water resistant than dye base ink because of its ink formula consisting of Water (H2O), Diluent, Colorant Pigment, and others.

This Pigment type printer ink has better print quality, is durable, sharp and waterproof (water proof) on all types of paper such as HVS paper, Inkjet Paper and photo paper.

Lack of Pigment Ink, if the printer is not used for a certain period of time, the 'Printhead Cartridge' will be clogged with ink coloring material that settles and dries on the nozzle head.

Pigment printer inks are usually used by some original printer manufacturers for their black cartridges, but non-original pigment inks are also widely sold in the market.

3. Sublimation Ink Printer Ink

This type of Water Based Sublimation ink is often used by most users of infusion printers to transfer printed images to other media, standard printers used to print screen printing materials, such as t-shirts, pins, mugs, ceramics, etc. Due to the characteristics of Sublime Inks, which are much more resistant to water and stronger color degradation.

Sublime ink formulas predominantly contain oil, dye (Colorant), diluent, and other substances, therefore Sublime ink has a much better resistance than Pigment Ink,

The lack of clogged problems is greater than Pigment Ink. The transfer method used is to print on hvs paper or inkjet paper and then heat press it onto t-shirts, mugs, ceramics, etc.

4. Pigment Art Paper Ink Printer Ink

This type of Art Paper Ink is suitable for use in small and large scale printing, which often prints on ivory art paper with small quantities for full color images.

This pigment ink can also be used to print on art paper / ivory using ordinary Epson desktop printers such as: Epson R230, Epson T11, Epson T20, Epson C90, Epson C79, Epson T1100, Epson 1390, Epson 1290.

5. Solvent Printer Ink

This type of Solvent Ink has the best resistance to water and UV, because solvent ink is made from materials that are close to duco paint plus materials that are adapted for types of outdoor printers.

Solvent ink is widely used for printing banners, banners, billboards, neonboxes, and others for outdoor printing because the prints are more durable against water and UV, but solvent ink has a strong smell.

6. Eco Solvent Printer Ink

Eco Solvent ink is the same as Solvent ink, only the characteristics of eco solvent ink are slightly less resistant to UV, but do not have a strong odor than Solvent ink, therefore Eco Solvent ink is widely used for Indoor Printing.

each printer uses different ink according to their needs, so after reading all this I hope you can understand and know the ink you need. yapps that's all from me, hopefully it's useful..!

That's all information about the 6 types of printer ink and their functions that must be known, for all of you who are looking for / needing Service / Printer Repair Services as well as Filling Ink Toner at a price that is quite cheap and competitive with good quality and guaranteed warranty, please contact to Our CS Service Contact Phone Number Here. Thank you for visiting the INDO-SOLUTION Website which informed about the article 6 Types of Printer Ink and Their Functions That You Should Know, Best Wishes Always Yes.

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