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Best Home Office Printer: Top 11 Printer in 2022

Best Home Office Printer: Top 11 Printer in 2022 - The best 2022 printer that is very reliable for printing at home, students, and office needs. From year to year technology continues to develop, if in the past printers were only used to print black and white documents. Now, the printer has a much more complete function than that.

The functions of the printer are varied, ranging from printing text, images, photocopying, scanning to sending faxes. All that can be done on a single printer device. Isn't the development incredible, Right?

Now, it's not just offices that need printing equipment. Home use as well as students and students also need this one tool.

Printer types

One type of printer is a dot matrix which works using a ribbon that is pressed by printer needles to produce prints on paper. The printouts on this printer still look rough because they are a collection of small dots strung together into a letter or character. Dot matrix printer machines have a print speed that varies and ranges from 50-500 characters per second. One of the disadvantages of this type of printer is that the sound is too noisy when working. Even so, dot matrix printers are still widely used for the purpose of printing receipts and various documents that already have a preprint.

Another type of printer is the inkjet printer which is used by many people. Inkjet printers work using liquid ink with a magnetic board that serves to spray ink onto the paper. Compared to dot matrix, the print quality of inkjet printers is clearer because they use liquid ink which is directly printed onto paper. This printer has a special storage area for ink so that the ink can be refilled. The ink that is sprayed can also dry quickly so that it can produce clean prints.

In addition to inkjets, there are also laserjet printers that, as the name implies, use laser technology in the printing process. The laser on the printer illuminates a component in the printer whose job is to form the character or image to be printed which then connects to a special laserjet powder ink toner to print the characters onto paper. The printouts are of the same quality as inkjets with more clarity and sharpness. This type of printer is widely used for photocopying and also offices.

In addition to dotmatrix, inkjet, and laserjet, there are also thermal printers that are widely used at store checkouts to print grocery receipts. Thermal printers work using heat from within the printer and produce prints that are more or less the same as dot matrix printers. It's just that it's faster and less noisy than a dot matrix printer. Its relatively small size is also suitable for placing on the cash register.

Finally, the type of printer that you can consider is an all-in-one printer. The all-in-one printer is a multifunction document printing machine that can not only be used to print, but also scan and copy (scan & copy) new documents. Some are also equipped with a fax function to send documents to other parties.

Tips for Choosing a Good Printer

When it became known to the public, printers began to be hunted by many people. In addition, the more the times, the more technology used in printers. The proof is that in the market there are many kinds of printers that offer sophisticated features that make it easier for us to work. If you are currently planning to buy a printer, here are some ways to choose a good printer so that you get the printer you want

1. Adjust the type of printer to your needs

In the market there are many types of printers that you can choose according to your needs. For those of you who only use it to print documents, just choose an inkjet printer. In addition there are also laser printers, laser printers have a higher print speed than ink printers. But if you print a lot with this printer, the paper used will be a little hot.

2. Choose a Multifunction Printer

Currently, there are many printers that provide various functions. If you are looking for a printer that can print and scan documents or photos, then you can choose a multifunction printer (all-in-one). Even some of these multifunction printers also provide a fax sending feature. This printer also has very good quality. For matters of speed to copy or scan this printer you can rely on. In addition, in general, this printer is also equipped with a WiFi connectivity method so that many devices can be connected without having to plug a USB cable into the body of the printer. Not only that, this printer also has an automatic auto duplexing feature, which is two-sided printing which can save paper.

3. Make sure the printer has an official warranty

What you should not forget when buying a printer is to make sure the printer has an official warranty from the distributor. Not only that, choose a printer with a long warranty period in case the printer is damaged.

Best Home Office Printer 2022

To get the best printer or printer, choose the one that suits your goals and daily needs. In order not to buy the wrong one, see the list of recommendations for the best printers and their functions below:

1. Brother DCP-T300

If you are looking for a good printer brand that can be used at home or in the office, then the Brother DCP-T300 printer can be your choice. This printer is capable of printing 11 sheets of black and white documents per minute and 6 sheets per minute for color documents. Not only can it be used to print documents, this printer can also be used to scan and copy.

2. Brother MFC-J200

This printer is classified as a multifunction type because this printer can be used to print, scan, photocopy to fax. In addition, this Brother MFC-J200 printer is also equipped with Ink Benefit cartridges and a wireless network that allows you to broadcast optimally. You can also choose this printer if you want to find a printer that is cost-effective for repairs because this printer can minimize damage to the print head.

3. Canon Pixma MG2570 All-in-One Printer

Next is the best printer brand from Canon, namely the Canon Pixma MG2570 All-in-One Printer. This printer has print, scan and copy functions that can make it easier for you to work without having to be burdened with large costs. This tool is equipped with Canon Hybrid System technology so that it can produce print quality that looks clearer and faster. This printer made by Canon is also equipped with the Quiet Mode feature so that it can minimize the noise emitted when operating.

4. Canon Pixma G2000

For those of you who are looking for a printer with ink tank technology, then you can use the Canon Pixma G2000. In general, printers with ink tanks have a cluttered appearance, but this printer is different. This printer has a neat and minimalist appearance with a black body. This printer from Canon is classified as multifunctional because it can be used to print, scan and copy. In addition, this printer is also capable of printing as many as 7,000 sheets for one ink bottle so you don't have to bother to refill ink again.

5. Canon imageClass LBP6030w Laser Printer

You should consider this printer if you are looking for an energy efficient printer. This Canon imageClass LBP6030w Laser Printer has high-speed printing capabilities that save electricity and are environmentally friendly. This printer is equipped with an Automatic Sleep feature that can make the printer turn off automatically when not in use. In addition, this printer is also equipped with MobileCanon printing technology so that you can print images or documents directly from Android and iOS devices.

6. Epson L310 . Inkjet Printer

The Epson L310 Inkjet Printer is a printer that has quality prints. This printer is capable of printing up to 4,000 sheets for black and 6,500 sheets for color. In addition, this printer is also claimed to have super fast speed in printing documents from both computers and smart devices. This tool is also equipped with Micro Piezo PrintHead technology which allows for printing up to 9.2 ipm speed for black and white documents.

7. Epson EcoTank L3110 . All-in-One Ink Tank Printer

Ink getting messy is one of the problems when you refill or replace. If you don't want that to happen, then the best printer brand that can be your choice is the Epson EcoTank L3110 All-in-One Ink Tank Printer. This printer is equipped with a spill free feature that will prevent this from happening. In addition, this printer also has print speeds of up to 5.0 ipn for color and 10 ipm for black and white. Printing resolutions up to 5760 will provide documents that are more detailed and sharp. In the paper holder, this printer is only able to accommodate about 100 A4 paper.

8. Epson L385

This printer is devoted to printing in high volume with sharp and clear print quality results. In addition, the Epson L385 printer is also equipped with an original Epson ink tank system with a patented bottle tip design for easy refilling. Interestingly, this printer is also capable of printing wirelessly. Not only that, this printer also has Epson Connect features which consist of Epson iPrint which can scan to smart devices, Epson Email Print to print emails and Remote Print Driver which can be compatible with other Epson printers to print via the internet.

9. Fuji Xerox M115W

This multifunction printer can not only be used for printing, but can also be used for scanning and photocopying. What's interesting about this printer is that there are various special features that can be operated such as printing in Toner Save mode

Pprint the header footer of the document, manual booklet printing or watermark printing. Fuji Xerox M115W also has the ability to print with high quality at speeds up to 20 ppm.

10. Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CP225 W

Still from the Fuji brand, this time there is the Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CP225 W which is a laser printer with S-LED technology. This good printer brand combines EA-ECO toner technology to produce rich and stunning color prints. In addition, the S-LED technology applied by Fuji Xerox is also proven to consume less energy. This tool can be connected via USB 2.0, WiFi and ethernet, with many connectivity options you can also print any document from a smartphone.

11. HP Deskjet GT 5810

You can also make this one printer brand of choice if you are looking for a good printer. The HP Deskjet GT 5810 is a multifunction printer that can print 5,000 black and white documents and 8,000 color sheets. This printer also applies a processor with a speed of 360 MHz which is able to print quickly. In addition to printing documents, you can also use this printer to scan to photocopy.


Those are some good printer brands with the best quality for office and home needs that you can choose. Choose a printer that suits your needs and make sure it is compatible with the operating system on your computer or laptop.

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