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How Does a Laser Printer Works? Step By Step Ways You Need To Know

How Laser Printers Work -  How Does a Laser Printer Works ? Not a few Laser printer users must be wondering, how does a Laserjet Printer actually work. here I will tell a little about How Laserjet Printers Work. Laser printers are printers for computers that use light diode technology to get tiny particles of toner from the cartridge onto the paper. This tool is often more economical than using ink printing ink. 

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The way laser printers work is on the principle of static electricity. Initially the Photoreceptor Drum (OPC Drum) was given a positive charge by the Primary Charging Roller (PCR), by applying an electric current to it. (This section is in the Toner Cartridge).

Then the printer shines a very small laser beam through the surface of the photoreceptor drum to form a written image or image according to the data sent by the computer, in the form of one horizontal line at a time.

How Does a Laser Printer Works?

The laser beam shines light on the Photoreceptor Drum to form dots and turns off the light for blank spots per page. The laser beam does not move by itself, but the laser beam is reflected through a mirror that can move on its own. This laser beam must stop at a point in the photoreceptor drum and form an electrostatic image. The surface of the drum that is exposed to the laser beam is turned into a negative charge.

After the image pattern is complete, the toner powder stored in the Toner hopper (in the cartridge) is taken by the Developer Unit (Magnetic Sleeve). Positively charged toner is attached to the Photoreceptor Drum area which has formed an electrostatic image, namely the part of the Photoreceptor Drum that is exposed to laser light (negative charge) (positive natural law will approach negative)

The sheet of paper (with a stronger negative charge than the Photoreceptor Drum) moves along the belt and rolls over a drum that has been sprinkled with patterned toner powder. The paper pushes the toner powder from the drum to transfer to the paper so that the toner powder image pattern transfers to the paper and is ready for finishing on the fuser.

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Toner that does not stick to the paper and is still attached to the OPC Drum will be removed by the Wiper Blade and then into the Waste Bin (Disposal)In this article the admin will explain how laser printers work. Of course, laser print users may already know how it works. But what about those who are not laser print users? Therefore, the admin made this article to add insight to all of you. But before that, let's first discuss what is laser printing? Here's the explanation:

Understanding Laser Printing

A printer is a device that displays data in printed form, be it text, images or graphics that are printed on paper. Or in short, a printer is a device that can display text or images originally from digital software into a form that is printed on paper.

So the printer comes from the word "Print" which means to print, so it can be called a tool for printing. Of course in the world of computers, the printer is an important device, because it is an additional output device (peripheral) that displays the results of writing or images on paper or other similar media.

How Laser Printers Work?

This printer was originally sold using a system from an electric typewriter, but many wanted to increase the speed so that it was higher so that the printer would change for the better. The development of this printer uses a new system which is of course more specific only to computers, for example this laser printer.

So a laser print which is also commonly called a Laser Printer is a computer printer that uses light diode technology to get small particles of toner from the cartridge to the paper. To better understand, a laser printer is a printer that uses a printing system with powdered ink or what is often also called toner that uses an infrared device. This laser printer can print faster and the printouts can dry faster like the prints on a copier.

This laser printer appeared in 1984 which was sold at a low price, beginning with the emergence of the HP Laser Jet. Then in the following year there was the addition of Post Script made by Apple Laser Writer which made a revolution in the world of printing known as Desktop Publishing. Laser printers that use Post Script can combine text and images with better quality.

Laser Printing Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantages and disadvantages of this Laser Print before heading to the main topic, namely how it works. Here's the explanation:

Laser Printer Advantages:

1. Speed

Laser printing has a print speed or print speed that reaches speeds of around 20-25 ppm at a price of 0.8-2 million. This means that this laser printer is capable of printing 20-25 sheets per minute. For laser prints that have a price of 3 million and above can reach speeds of up to about 30 to around 60 ppm.

2. Feature

The features of this laser printer are arguably better than inkjet printers, especially in the memory and processor section. Laser printers have higher capabilities than inkjet printers. So with these advantages, this laser printer rarely experiences problems or problems.

3. Operating costs

In terms of operational costs which include maintenance and cartridge replacement costs, laser printers are superior to inkjet printers. That's because the replacement of laser printer cartridges is relatively longer, in contrast to inkjet printers which have to replace cartridges more often.

4. Print quality

Although the color composition produced by laser printers is not as good as inkjet printers, for both color and black and white prints, laser printer prints are arguably better. Because the prints dry faster and are waterproof, so for long-term use, laser printers are much more economical than inkjet printers.

In addition to the four advantages above, there are still some important points from the advantages of this laser printer, for example, this laser printer has a variety of options including collators and staplers and has a lower overall cost due to small ink requirements.

Disadvantages of Laser Printers:

  • Photo output is worse
  • More expensive color laser printers
  • It is possible that the print color is not compatible with the LED printer, making the image blurry
  • Solid ink printer output that can jam paper, copiers or scanners with automatic feeders.

How Laser Printing Work; Step by step

How a laser printer works that you need and will know is actually not as difficult as you might think. The workings of this laser print, the following is an explanation:

1. OPC Drum Provides Electric Current to the Toner Cartridge 

In the early stages of how laser printing works, the OPC Drum that is inside begins to provide or flow an electric current to the Toner Cartridge section. Now from here you will see how the electrical process works in the early stages to prepare the results to be printed on the laser print itself.

2. Printer Shines Laser Light Through Photoreceptor Surface

The second stage, the printer will highlight the laser beam that passes through the Photreceptor. This is where the initial preparations will be completed, the laser beam is an important component to provide precise and accurate printouts according to the data to be received.

Toner Starts Forming Images, text or the like that will start printing.

3. The third stage

the toner will immediately form the image, writing, or the like that is in it.

Toner Powder In Cartridge Taken by Developer Unit (Magnetic Sleeve)

4. The fourth stage, 

the toner powder contained in the cartridge will be taken from the developer unit or magnetic sleeve.

The Toner Moves To The Used Paper Sheet And Performs The Printing Process

5. Now at this stage, 

all processes of how laser printing works will be completed, namely the toner will move to the sheet of paper used and carry out the printing process itself

6. Done

Thus the several stages above are how a laser printer works which is the main topic in this article. See you in the next article - How Does a Laser Printer Works? 

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