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How to Care & Maintain Printer Properly and Correctly: 13 Ways You Must Know

How to Take Care of The Printer Properly and Correctly - How to Maintain Printers – Printers are output hardware used for printing activities, whether home printing or large printing such as businesses. Caring for a printer in my opinion is difficult and easy, printers are sensitive hardware or are easily damaged if we can't take care of them.

Printers have many types such as inkjet printers, laser printers, plotter printers and many more. For printer maintenance, each type of printer has different treatments.

How To Take care of printer

Printers have various brands such as Canon, Epson, Lexmark and many more, each brand also has many advantages and disadvantages. To find the right brand for your needs, I suggest asking neighbors or close relatives who have been using the printer for a longer time. So when you have trouble using the printer, just ask your neighbors.

The cheapest printer purchase package is an inkjet type printer, an inkjet printer is a printer that has an ink tube on the outside, so when you run out of ink, you don't have to bother to disassemble the printer for ink filling. Inkjet printers are classified as very cheap printers, the price of this type of printer is around 300-400 thousand rupiah, suitable for home or small office activities.

The recommended printer brands are Canon MP 258, Epson L200, HP F2476, if you choose a cheaper printer, I recommend the Epson L100 and Epson L200 printers.

The drawback of inkjet printers is that they are easily damaged if you can't take care of them. We need to know, the printer is the most important hardware when it comes to work or home printing activities. If you have a printer, you must follow these tips on how to care for the printer.

The Following Are Tips on How to Take Care of The Printer Properly and Correctly:

1. Regular Printer Usage

The use of a printer is the most important and you should pay attention especially if you don't use your printer for a long time, it will cause the ink to dry and eventually become clogged. If the printer's ink is clogged, it will cause bad effects such as the print process is hampered and even the printouts are damaged because the cartridge is clogged with dry ink.

The solution you can take, there are lots of articles on the internet how to fix it, but it doesn't necessarily work 100% and it's not necessarily long-term maintenance. I highly recommend buying a new one for a price ranging from 100 to 300 thousand rupiah.

2. Periodic Ink Filling in Tubes or Cartridges

Do you know ? The printer is running and still consuming ink, so I recommend that you use it continuously so that the ink is not dry and wasted, especially during Head Cleaning, this process wastes a lot of ink, but this also helps the repair process on the printer. .

The thing that you should not forget is filling in the ink, if you forget to fill in the ink it will result in full ink in your printer hose and will cause damage during printing. So make sure the ink is half filled in the tube.

3. How to Use the Printer Correctly

Using a printer begins by activating the power on or off button and then the head will automatically run this serves to clean the ink. Let the head keep running and don't let you turn off the printer immediately unplug the cable, this will be fatal, such as the head is damaged or so because the head on the printer will be shocked if you do that.

4. Pay attention to how to print

How to print using a printer properly and correctly as follows:
  • Open the file or document to be printed
  • Select File then select Print or Ctrl+P
  • Next, a column for print orders will open where you can change the size, number of prints, paper size, etc
  • Don't forget to give clean paper that is in the printer
  • Click print and the print process has started.
Print the process to completion and do not pull the paper during the printing process, this will cause damage to the print.

5. Keeping the Printer and the Area Around the Printer Clean

Printer cleanliness is very important. Cleanliness is part of faith, cleanliness starts from your intention to buy and maintain a printer. Make sure the location around the printer is not too dusty. Things you have to pay attention to when checking the cleanliness of the printer such as paper rolls, in the printer, ink tubes. Paper rolls usually have the most dust there, especially printers that are never closed and left open, this will make the printer have a lot of dust in it.

6. Use Clean Paper

Using paper is not arbitrary, Tips on how to care for our printers as users of course have to be smart in choosing paper to use for printing. The paper used has the criteria like a clean paper from dust, not wrinkled or folded. This if not noticed will have a bad impact on the print on the paper.

7. Maintain Roller And Paper Entry

Rollers are often dusty, an experience I had when I had a print where a lot of dust was inside the roller. This can make all clean paper dirty. To handle it, you can cover the printer using a cloth and so on so that dust does not enter at all.

8. Take advantage of the Clean Head Feature

The clean head feature or what can be called a head cleaner is often used when the printer experiences a minor error. This also helps the ink to come out of the cartridge more smoothly.

9. We recommend using Relifill Ink

This ink is recommended by most people because the results can look good, professional and of course quality. The results have been proven by most people, but depending on your use, if you are light, don't use ink that is too good, but for business printing needs, you must use this ink so that the results are higher quality.

10. Don't Touch the Cartridge Chip

Touching the cartridge chip can cause static electricity to drop in your printer, it is not recommended to hold it directly with your hands.

11. Don't Carelessly Disassemble the Printer

If you know how to disassemble the printer, no problem. But if you can't completely unpack the print this will be a problem. Don't try to disassemble the print yourself, but if you have a mentor, it's fine.

12. Turn off the printer when not in use

Turning off a printer is a trivial thing, sometimes we forget to turn off a printer, the effect is not too much, but it consumes a lot of electricity.

13. Turn Off the Printer With Power

It is recommended to turn off the printer using power instead of directly unplugging the cable from the socket, this can result in such as an electrical short circuit and so on.

So, those are tips on how to take care of the printer, if you have any questions, please comment below, if you like, share this article with your relatives or friends so that this article will be more crowded.

Deciding to buy a printer, you really think about it because if you buy the wrong thing, this will result in later not using a printer. The printer has very complicated maintenance and you as a user I recommend using the printer every day so that the printer engine is always heated, so that the ink in the printer does not dry out. For tips on how to take care of the printer, just here I am and thank you, as usual, Greetings.

That's all information about 13 Tips on How to Take Care of a Printer Well and Correctly, For all of you who are looking for / need Service / Printer Repair Services as well as Filling Ink Toner at a fairly cheap and competitive price with good quality and guaranteed warranty.

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