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How To Connect HP Printer To Wifi or Network PC: 4 Easy Ways

How To Connect HP Printer To Wifi or Network PC - HP printers can be added to your network in several ways, depending on the printer model and network configuration used. Here we will show you several ways to do this. Before starting, make sure the printer, computer and network are turned on, functioning normally and ready for use.

Printing documents is one of today's needs. Good for students, college students, or office employees. Printing itself can be interpreted as the process of making writing or drawings on paper using ink. In short, making physical prints of files in the form of text, images, or other.

Previously, printing documents or images required PC (Personal Computer) media and printers. At first glance, it sounds simple, but if you are in a state of urgency or in a hurry, printing via a PC or laptop can be quite inconvenient and time-consuming.

How come? You have to turn on the PC, find the document you want to print, turn on print, and then you can print. Fortunately, now there is an easy way that can be chosen as an alternative, namely printing from an Android phone or iPhone. Then, how?

How To Connect HP Printer To Wifi

If in the past you needed a computer if you wanted to print documents, now you can do it only with your cellphone. Yes, along with the development of technology, convenience such as how to print via HP is more likely to be enjoyed by you.

You no longer need a flash drive or other device to send files to your computer first. By knowing how to print via HP, the document printing process becomes easier. Moreover, you can do it without using a connecting cable.

How To Connect HP Printer To Wifi or Network PC

Method 1: Using HP Auto Wireless Connect

1. Make sure that your configuration is compatible with HP Auto Wireless Connect. To use this method, your computer and network configuration must meet the following requirements:

  • Your computer must be running Windows Vista or later (PC), or OSX 10.5 (Leopard) or later (Macintosh).
  • Your computer is connected to a wireless router 802.11 b/g/n via a 2.4 GHz connection.
  • Your computer's OS becomes the controller of the wireless adapter.
  • Your computer uses a wireless connection to the network and operating system.
  • Your computer uses a dynamic IP address, not a static one.

2. Download the latest printer software from HP. Address: make sure the software you choose matches your printer model and the computer OS you are using.

3. Run the installer. Follow the instructions on your computer screen until the installer asks you to choose a connection type. Select “Network (Ethernet/Wireless)” as the connection type, then select “Yes, Send my wireless setting to the printer (Recommended)”.

4. The installer will continue the installation process automatically

Note: During the HP Auto Wireless Connect setup process, your computer will be disconnected from the internet for a while. Make sure you have completed all downloads and online activities before continuing.

Method 2: Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) Pushbutton Mode

1. Make sure your configuration meets the minimum conditions:

  • Your printer and wireless router must support WPS Pushbutton Mode. Since there are many models, you may need to see the manuals for your printer and router to ensure compatibility.
  • The wireless router must have a WPS pushbutton option.
  • Your network must use WPA or WPA2 security protocols. WPS wireless routers, in general, will not connect with the WPS method if set using WEP security, or without any security at all. In addition, the WPS router will not connect using the WPS method if you use the router's default network name and without security.

2. Run WPS pushbutton mode on your printer. Since setting this mode depends on the printer model you are using, refer to your manual to run it. Once WPS mode is running on your printer, press the WPS button on the router. You have to do this in two minutes.

Method 3: Wireless Setup Wizard

1. Get the information you need. You need the network name and WEP/WPA password to use.

2. Make settings on your printer. On the printer control panel, press the Setup button. Select Network on the menu options.

  • The Wireless Setup Wizard will display a list of wireless networks in the area. Select the network name you are using in the list.
  • If the network name you are using is not in the list, scroll to the bottom of the network list and enter the network name you are using. Note that the network name is case sensitive.

3. Enter the WEP key or WPA passphrase. As in the network name, you must enter the password exactly including upper or lower case letters. Your printer will be directly connected to your wireless network. If not, print a page of the Wireless Network Test report that will help you pinpoint the problem.

Method 4: USB Settings

When using this method, it takes a few moments to connect the printer and computer using a USB cable.

  • Plug and disconnect the USB cable only when prompted by the software. The software will guide you to connect and set up your wireless printer connection.
  • In some cases, depending on the printer model, the software will automatically find your wireless settings.
  • If this is the first printer installation, the software may not find your printer on the network. If that's the case, the software will guide you through the steps to make a wireless connection to the printer.


  1. If the firewall issues a message during the installation process, select “Always Permit/Allow” so you can continue with the installation process.
  2. Some printers do not have a MAC address, so you must disable MAC filtering on your router before establishing a connection.

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