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How to Scan With Printer? Document, Hardcopy, Photo and Another File

Easy Ways to Scan Document Paper With Epson L360 L Series - Continuing how to do a scan or scan on the printer. Previously, we discussed how to scan on a canon printer. So now the admin will share a tutorial on how to do a scan on an Epson printer, more precisely the Epson L360 or including the L Series family.

The Epson L360 printer is an L series multifunction printer. This printer is equipped with photocopying, scanning and printing functions like most printers.

However, the Epson L360 has been equipped with an infusion from the factory, namely Epson. So that users don't need to be confused when they want to refill this Epson L360 ink.

How to scan document With Printer?

With the infusion tube, besides making it easier to refill, it will also make the ink more stable in the sense that the printer does not often catch a cold or the ink hose is empty.

Cause why? Yes, because Epson has designed every printer its output has been designed in such a way that it can last a long time and have minimal errors. Included in the infusion hose, so you don't have to worry about using this printer.

While on the top side, you will find a scanner that can scan paper with A4 or B5 sizes. So when you want to scan documents or physical files, you don't need to go to a computer rental place.

This scanner can be used for scanning files as well as for photocopying. So you can make a photocopy of this Epson printer. For photocopying, 2 types have been provided, namely the color mode or color photocopy and the black model or black and white photocopy.

Then how to scan on the Epson L360 printer? Read carefully the tutorial below so you can understand it and practice it independently. Let's see in full How to Overcome Epson L120 Totally Dead

Step on How to Scan Printer

To perform a scan, you must first install the Epson L360 scanner driver. You can do this by using the Driver CD that is included in the printer purchase package. Or you can also download the driver via the official link from the Epson website which will be provided at the end of the tutorial.

  • Make sure the scanner driver is installed on your laptop or PC.
  • Then connect the printer to the laptop by plugging the USB cable into the laptop slot.
  • Turn on your printer by pressing the ON button and wait a while until the printer is ready to use
  • Then open the scanner cover or scanner converter and enter the document you want to scan
  • Make sure the document is facing down for a successful scan. Because if the position is facing up then this is the wrong position. Documents can be placed in the center of the scanner or at the edges
  • Then close the scanner cover carefully so that the position of the document does not change.
  • Open your laptop then click Start, select EPSON Folder, then EPSON SCAN and click on EPSON Scan
Easy Ways to Scan With Epson L360 L Series

  • Wait a moment for the Epson Scan program to appear on the laptop screen
  • Without changing anything click the Scan button(s). Or if you want to change the settings, such as the output you want the JPEG, Bitmap, PDF, and storage formats, you can click on the "Adjust (o)" button and then click File Storage Settings (s). When finished click OK.
Easy Ways to Scan With Epson L360 L Series
  • If the settings are complete then click Scan(s) and wait for the document scanning process to finish.
  • The scan results will be seen before they are completely finished in the scan process and will automatically open in your laptop's storage folder.
  • Done, the document has been successfully scanned. You can see in the folder where the results are saved
  • Please take the scanned document from the Epson L360 scanner.
  • You can edit or delete parts of the scan by using Photoshop or Paint.

Driver Scan Printer

For those of you who don't have a printer driver or scanner driver, we provide the following Epson L360 to download it for free. Please click the link below.
  • Driver Scan Epson L360
  • Epson L360 Drivers
That's a quick and easy way to scan documents on the Epson L360, this method can be applied to other Epson L Series because the software and how to use it are similar. good luck. So much information about how to easily scan the Epson L360 L Series

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