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Printer Laser Vs Inkjet - Which One Is Better?

Printer Laser Vs Inkjet - Besr Printers - Talking about the world of printing certainly cannot be separated from the technology of the printing machine used. You may have asked, what is the difference between the printer you have at home and the printer at the printing shop? Previously, you need to know that there are three types of printers that are distinguished based on the printing material, namely laser printers, inkjet printers, and dot matrix printers. Dot matrix printers are generally used to print notes, receipts, or other continuous forms. This time, we will discuss the differences between inkjet printers vs laser printers, the 2 most common types of printers used for various printing purposes.

Printer Laser Vs Inkjet

Printer Laser VS Inkjet, What's the Difference?

The most basic difference between a laser printer and an inkjet printer is the type of material and the printing method used. Inkjet printers, as the name implies, use liquid ink (ink) to produce color images on paper. Meanwhile, laser printers use toner or ink in the form of powder.

Inkjet printers are certainly more familiar to the public because they are most widely used for printing documents at home, school, or small-scale document printing. Not surprising, considering the prices of inkjet printer ink cartridges are quite cheap. In addition, the size of inkjet printers is generally quite small, compact, and does not take up much space.

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Meanwhile, laser printers use toner cartridges, which are indeed more expensive than ink cartridges, but the efficiency of their use is much better than inkjet printer ink. In addition, laser printers have print speeds that far exceed those of inkjet printers. The drawback, laser printers take up quite a lot of space because of their large size. With these considerations, laser printers are more widely used in places that require higher printing needs, such as offices and medium to large-scale printing businesses.

For more details, you can listen to the list of advantages and disadvantages between laser printers vs inkjet printers below:

Choose Inkjet Printer or Laserjet Printer? Which one is better?

Many of us are sometimes confused about what type of printer is the best and suits our needs. Inkjet Printer is a printer that uses liquid ink that is sprayed using a microscopic nozzle onto the surface of the paper, and Laserjet uses a toner cartridge (containing toner powder) and is processed using heating.

Both types of printers have advantages and disadvantages, require different handling and each type of printer is manufactured for different printing needs.

Before choosing a printer that you will buy, there is nothing wrong if you consider the following things.

1. Initial Cost

Currently, there are many basic laserjet printers on the market whose prices are not much different from inkjet printers. It is very important before buying a printer you first consider the budget you have, including the budget for buying cartridges and refills. You need to know that the ink content in the printer's starter pack is usually not full, so make sure when you buy a printer you also buy backup supplies.

2. Next Cost

When you continue to use your new printer for a certain period of time, you will have to prepare some printing support needs such as paper and ink or toner. Printer operating costs, which are commonly called Cost PerPage or printing costs per sheet, can be calculated using the formula "Price of INK or TONER" divided by "Number of prints". Does not include the cost of purchasing paper.

3. Text Printing, Speed & Quality 

If you only need to print black and white text, then the best choice is for you to choose a laserjet printer. Even though the laserjet you choose is a monochrome laserjet with the cheapest price, the print speed you will get is +/- 20 sheets per minute. Of course, you won't get this speed from an inkjet printer which is only able to print about 6 sheets per minute.

For normal print sizes (approximately 12pt and larger) text printing quality is similar between laser and inkjet printing platforms. However, if your printing needs include printing lowercase letters then lasers are usually superior to inkjet printers, as the fusing technology is better suited to minute curves and small dots of text.

4. Print Colour Quality

If you want to print in color, whether it's a full-page color photo or just a pie chart, an inkjet printer is best. Color laser printers are often bulky and the costs involved are quite high. generally not suitable for use in homes or small offices.

Even when comparing color laser printers to color inkjets, inkjets will produce better color images. Inkjet printers are capable of reproducing subtle color gradations in an image where a laser printer would display lines (distinct changes in color saturation).

5. Size

Size is sometimes an important consideration for some users. If you're looking for something that fits into a small space above or under your desk, it's hard to go past an inkjet printer. However, if you don't need Scan or Copy the single function laserjet may be small enough to meet your needs.

If you have more budget and need to print only black text, then a laser printer is the best solution.

Inkjet printers are indeed very suitable for home users & have better image printing capabilities, but in the future you will need to spend more for further operational costs (supplies are more expensive) and with slower print per page of course. Choose carefully and adjust to your needs!

Whatever your choice, make sure e-Print Ink and Toner as your printer's companion. Because only e-Print is able to provide a great quality cost-effective printing solution!

6. Printer Ink Material

In terms of materials between Inkjet printers and Laser printers are much different. If the Injket printer to produce prints, this printer uses liquid ink as its raw material, the liquid ink is sprayed through the cartridge microscopic nozzles on the paper. Inkjet printer liquid ink is usually made of pigment-type materials that have the characteristics of being easy to fade when exposed to water and colors quickly fading due to weather. Inkjet printer ink materials on the market usually have 4 types of primary colors, namely Cyan, Magenta, Yelow and Black/Key (CMYK) colors. These four colors will produce thousands of types of colors in the printout.

Unlike Laserjet printers, in producing prints this printer usually uses toner ink as a raw material in the form of powder, to produce laser printer prints using toner cartridges and heaters. The colors produced from Laser-Jet printers tend to be more concentrated and clear than using printers that use pigment ink as raw materials. In addition to having the advantages of sharper colors, using a Laser Jet printer is also more resistant to weather. From the color density produced by this printer, designers usually prefer to use a Laser Jet printer, especially for those who are engaged in screen printing work, this type of printer can be used to make films before being applied to screen printing.

7. Laser & Ink Jet Printer Technology

The features of laser jet printers are generally better than inkjets, the advantages lie in several points such as memory and processor. This advantage makes laser printers error less and last longer. Laser printers are superior because they have a longer cartridge replacement time. As for inkjet printers, you have to change cartridges or refill ink more often. For long-term use, laser printers are much more economical than inkjet printers.

8. The Difference in the Price of Laser Printers Compared to Ink Jets

With all the advantages that laser printers have, making this printer has a higher price when compared to InkJet printers. The price of inkjet printers is relatively cheaper, only with prices starting at 40$ we can already get this inkjet printer at computer supply stores. So don't be surprised if InkJet printers are better able to dominate the market when compared to Laser printers.

Laser printers have a price range of around 170$ for a full color printer, while the lowest price for black and white is 60$ Laser printers are usually only used by certain people who really need better printouts, for example designers, those who work in the printing area and also companies. (Also read: Various Types of Printers For Offices According to Their Functions)

Thus a brief review of laser and inkjet printers. If you have a need for better print quality, you can use a laser printer, but if your needs only revolve around printing proposals, correspondence, and ordinary administrative needs, you can choose an Ink Jet printer which has a cheaper price.

For printer needs in offices that have high mobility, of course it would be better to have both with different uses. This means that we can use a special black and white laser printer to print black and white documents because laser printers have the ability to print more. Meanwhile, if you want to print in color, you can use an inkjet printer so that the cost is cheaper.

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