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What is Main Components of Printer? Meaning & Functions

What is Main Components on Printer? Meaning & Functions - The printer is an output hardware component on a computer device that functions as a print-producing machine both in the form of writing and images. We have already discussed about the meaning of Printers and their Types in the previous article.

This time we will discuss the component parts contained in the Printer. The printer is composed of several parts of the device, and the following are some of the parts contained in the printer.

Main Components in The Printer and Their Functions:

  • Cartridge
What is Main Components of Printer? Meaning & Functions

one part of the printer device whose purpose is to store, organize, and where the ink comes out during the printing process.

  • Carriage unit (cartridge housing)
What is Main Components of Printer? Meaning & Functions

Where to place a cartridge

  • Head

The function of this head is to output an ink or toner

  • Chip

Has a very important function, namely the liaison between the cartridge and the mainboard

  • Mainboard

The mainboard is no less important than the chip, which is a place where the driver of a hardware device is also managed by a software, a piece of hardware like this always uses a driver to connect and drive it.

  • Timing belt

is the part to pull the cartridge to the right or to the left when printing, copying, scanning.

  • Paper tray

The paper tray is used to put paper before and after printing.

  • Roll sensor

The function of this roll sensor is to detect the paper to be used, whether there is paper or not.

So much information about the Main Component Parts in the printer and their functions

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