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What Is Sublimation Printer? Complete Explanation About Sublime Printing

What Is Sublimation Printer? Complete Explanation About Sublime Printing - Hello readers, back again with Abyad Apparel Pro. Have you ever heard of sublime printing t-shirts? In your opinion, what is the sublime technique? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of sublime t-shirts?

On this occasion, we will explain a little about this sublime printing t-shirt. So, sublime printing/file transfer is a printing method of digital images (in the form of a file) and can be directly printed onto various media, commonly called transfer printing or transferring designs from paper to fabric using a special printer machine with special ink as well.

The ink used is different from the ink used with printers in general. Digital screen printing with sublimation printing replaces traditional methods in the field of textile printing or garment products.

The emergence of this digital screen printing technique was welcomed positively for various reasons, including cost efficiency, ease of operation, and flexibility of use on various textile printing media.

This digital screen printing innovation may be considered a step further than manual screen printing (Silk screen printing) because of the time efficiency and also more full color color details that make this screen printing an option other than manual screen printing.

Sublimation printing is a printing technology using heat sensitive ink. This ink turns into a gas under the influence of heat. The material that is often used for printing is usually polyester.

Sublimation ink is not fired directly onto the textile, but is printed onto transfer paper and then transferred to a t-shirt using a heat press. With the pressing process, the sublime ink becomes part of the structure of the textile material.

Well, above is a little explanation about the meaning of sublimation printing. Next, we will discuss what are the tools used for this sublimation printing? Instead of being curious, it's better to just take a look, OK!

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What is Sublimation Printer & Sublimation Ink?

What Is Sublimation Printer

In general, all printers can be used for sublimation printing needs. However, the durability of printer components commonly used for paper with water-based ink is certainly different from dye-based sublimation ink.

Therefore for periodical production, special sublimation printing is designed according to the needs of textiles. The specialty of sublimation printers lies in the printhead which is adaptable with oil-based dye sublimation ink.

Sostware RIP

Printers used for sublime printing must have RIP (Raster Image Processor) software to manage image input into output according to the desired design.

RIP is a preprinting process that determines the quality of the printed design to be brighter and more vibrant. The function of RIP itself is as a regulator of the image that will be converted into CMYK/CMYO ink spray.

Transfer/Sublimation Paper

What Is Sublimation Printer

After important tools such as printers, ink and also the software, we definitely need media to make it happen. This transfer paper is used to accommodate ink that has been in the form of visual graphics to be transferred to textile media.

Good transfer paper should usually have a high ink absorption and dry quickly. This transfer paper should also not be wavy when sublime ink is overwritten by sublime ink during the printing process.

Heatpress Machine

What Is Sublimation Printer

People also usually mention hotpress machines. This machine is a heat machine for transferring graphics from transfer paper to textile materials by heating and pressing methods.

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