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Canon Printer Apps: 6 Application For Connect With Canon Printer

Canon Printer App: 6 Application For Connect With Canon Printer  - If you used to want to print photos, then you need to come to the studio. But now you can do it almost anywhere and anytime. One of the things that can help you is the photo printing application which is now available on the Play Store or the App Store. Of course also with the help of hardware that already supports printing by wireless or bluetooth.

But this is specifically for Android, while for iPhone or Apple products, it is quite difficult to get a passport photo print application online like the one we will discuss in this. Because not all applications can be used on Apple. Then what are the applications that can help print photos?

Canon Printer Apps

The various criteria for a printer that is user friendly and up to date, one of which is how sophisticated and complete the connectivity is. The majority of users are now using mobile or smartphones as a means of communication and even supporting their various activities and cannot be separated from work activities such as printing or scanning.

This makes Brands have to provide connectivity features for the Printer Units they produce. For example, Canon with its WiFi direct feature that allows Users to Print and Scan via Smartphone devices only without the need to use a PC or Laptop. With Wifi Direct, it allows users to use various Applications or Apps on Smartphones to print and scan on Canon Printers. Here are 6 applications for printing needs on Canon printers that you should know:

Canon Printer Apps: 6 Application For Connect With Canon Printer

1. Canon Print

This application connects smartphones wirelessly with Canon PIXMA printers, to print both photos and documents, scan and copy. Function for setting and monitoring the status of Canon PIXMA printers.

Available for: iOS, Android

2. Easy-PhotoPrint Editor

Support personal printing creativity with various print layouts, such as Photo Layout, Collage, Calendar, Card, Poster, CD label, Business card, Scrapbook and Photo ID

Available for: iOS, Android, Windows

3. Message in Print

Send greeting photos with animations and personalized notifications with the Message in Print app

Available for: iOS, Android

4. Creative Park

With the Creative Park application, PIXMA friends can download various handicrafts and paper creation templates for free.

Available for: iOS, Android, 

5. Nail Sticker Creator

Canon Nail Sticker Creator is a special application for Canon PIXMA TS9570, TS8370, TS8270 and TS707 printer users to create a variety of unique and special nail stickers. Print directly with NL-101 paper and make nails more beautiful.

Available for: iOS, Android

6. Canon Print Service and Airprint

Canon Print Service allows direct printing from Android smartphones to Canon PIXMA printers, while Airprint allows direct printing from iOS smartphones to Canon PIXMA printers. Both processes are carried out via the Canon PIXMA printer wireless network without activating other apps.


As a low-priced Multifunction Printer, the Canon TS307 can be connected to an Android smartphone using Bluetooth or WiFi. Even if you have a router as an access point at home, it can be connected to a printer and all family members can print via a wireless network at home.

On this occasion I will not discuss how to connect the Canon Pixma TS307 Printer from an Android phone using a WiFi network. I will share tips on connecting a smartphone with a printer machine via Bluetooth. Even though it looks easy, there are some Canon TS307 owners who can't or always fail to connect their cellphones to the printer.

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