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Why Printer Not Printing? 9 Causes the Printer Can't Printing & Solve The Problem

Why Printer Not Printing? Cause the Printer Can't Print & Solve - Cause the Printer Can't Print - Want to know why the printer can't print and what causes the printer to not print? well.. in writing this time I will share info about how to deal with a printer that can't print. This problem can occur if we are still new to printers. There are many printer problems that we often hear, ranging from Canon printers not being able to print, Epson printers producing streaky or mottled prints, unable to pull paper, paper stuck, red ink does not come out, indicator light flashes and a note appears. errors, blurry color prints, printers cannot be shared and other problems.

Why Printer Not Printing

For solutions to the problems above, we must have expertise in repairing printers, lots of printer technician videos, guides on how to service printers, ebook tutorials on learning to service printers themselves and others. Of the many Printer Technician Video ebooks or DVDs sold on the Internet, I highly recommend to friends who want to have the expertise to easily repair your printer yourself, this complete product consists of a complete DVD Video tutorial on printer service and supporting ebooks in the form of a series or schematic of the printer. , so we will be taught to know where the damage is, so that we can easily replace it.

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Printer Ready but unable to print is often experienced by printer users, both Canon, Epson and HP. Of course, it's confusing what is the cause. The printer can turn on as it should, as well as on the computer it has been read and has the status ready to print. However, once you want to use it to print documents, the printer just stays silent.

Are you having the same problem? if so, read this article to the end because we will review the causes and how to overcome them. But first, make sure that there is no problem with the printer. The trick is to see if the indicator light is blinking or not, if it blinks, it's a sign that there is a problem with the printer. Also make sure the cartridge moves when the printer is turned on. (read: how to solve cartridge not detected). If your printer already has a scan feature, it can be used to copy documents directly from the printer. If it can be used for copying, then there is no problem with the printer and the status is ready to print.

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The cause of the printer not being able to print even though the status is ready may be caused by wrong settings on the computer. One of the cases that is often experienced is that your computer was previously used to print with a different printer device. When changing printers, it still uses the old device settings. If so, of course the printer does not respond to the print command that we give. Although a trivial problem, but often not noticed.

Back to the problem above, Why can't the printer print and what causes the printer to not print? There are several possibilities that cause our printer can not print. What you can do is check the sections like the following:

Why Printer Not Printing? 9 Causes the Printer Can't Printing

  1. Try checking the printer power cable, whether it is connected correctly or not.
  2. Make sure the power button on the printer is in the ON position, if it is not lit, try replacing it with another power cable.
  3. Try to check the printer data cable connection, whether it is properly connected to the parallel port/USB port of a laptop or computer and to the printer port.
  4. Make sure that you have installed the printer driver.
  5. Try to print something in the notepad application, type anything, then you try to print, if the notepad application can print, then most likely the problem is not with the printer.
  6. Try changing your printer settings to Default Printer.
  7. Make sure you have enough hard disk space, if the buffer is not sufficient, the data will not be sent to the printer perfectly.
  8. Try changing the settings on the spooler for the printer via the printer properties menu. The function of this spooler feature is used so that we can run the application while it is printing.
  9. Try to check if there is a resource conflict with the printer port. You can use the hardware troubleshooter if there is a conflict. This problem may be caused by a problem with your laptop port. The solution is to try to move your printer port connection to another port, for example USB1 to USB3 or try the printer on another laptop.

How To Solve Printer Not Printing

There are several ways that can be done to solve this problem on Epson, Canon, HP etc printers. But keep in mind that this is only a solution to software problems, not hardware. If the damage to the hardware of course requires a different treatment.

1. Make sure the settings are correct
  • Click start
  • Enter the control panel menu
  • then open the view devices and prints option >> hardware and sound
  • Next there will appear several devices connected to the computer. Right-click on the printer you are using and select set as default printer
  • Finish.
2. Select the type of printer used

In addition to the first method, you can also set when you want to print documents.
  • Open the document you want to print, press CTRL+P
  • Pay attention to the printer name or printer name.
  • Make sure the selected printer name is ready and connected to the computer.
  • Finish

3. Clear the Print Queue

When you are printing and suddenly the connection is lost, there will be a queue of documents that you want to print, namely the d print queue. If there are too many, the old printer responds so that it can't directly print. For that you can empty it first. The method is as follows
  • Click the up arrow in the right corner (next to the time/date)
  • There are several icons, click 2x on the printer icon used.
  • Then click print queue, a list of documents that are pending printing will appear. Right-click on the document and then cancel print or cancel.
cara mengatasi printer ready tidak bisa print

  • If you have, you can reprint documents that have not been printed successfully.
4. Restart the spooler from Service.msc
  • Click start then type run. or you can also press the windows key + R
  • In the run menu, please type service.msc then enter.
  • Scroll down and look for a file called Print Spooler. If you find it right click and then click stop. Don't close the print spooler window just yet
restart service print spooler

  • Open the local disk folder C > windows > sytem32 > spool > printers. If sudha delete all files in the folder.
  • Close the print spooler window.
  • Finally, right-click on the print spooler and then click start to reactivate it.
  • Finish
5. Restart Printer Service from the command prompt
  • press windows key + R
  • Type CMD, enter
  • type net stop spooler, enter
command prompt

  • type del /Q /F /S “%systemroot%\System32\Spool\Printers\*.*” then enter.
  • Type net start spooler, Enter

Those were the five ways to deal with printer ready but unable to print. The most common problem is due to pending documents piling up in the print queue. good luck

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